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Is now the time to ditch your website?

If you’ve got a consultant telling you “forget your website, focus on Facebook” (or, Google +, Pinterest, etc.), fire them. The long-term path for Internet success is simple: don’t be lured into placing most or all of your online equity … Continue reading

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Increase your Facebook page engagement with Questions

After a few months of beta testing, Facebook recently launched their Questions app, offering a free and simple way to survey your fans (or friends on your personal page). Page owners can post a question with a list of answers … Continue reading

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A modest proposal for effective hashtags

Twitter Hashtags serve two purposes – to categorize tweets and as a tracking mechanism to see how far a particular tweet and tweet theme spreads which can be measured using tools such as TweetReach. An effective hashtag should be as … Continue reading

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BP fumbles social media and SEO

As the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico enters its 44th day, thousands of people from around the world have supposedly submitted ideas to BP, but they don’t seem to be listening – or at least not responding. As … Continue reading

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5 Steps to effective business participation in social networking

Here are my thoughts on how businesses can earn the right to participate in social networking sites used by their customers such as Facebook and Twitter. 1. SHOW UP – Be among your customers. 2. SHUT UP – It’s hard … Continue reading

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Customer service IS the new PR – are you getting the message?

I’ve said this many times in many ways (one example here), but it’s always worth repeating: Customer service is the new PR In other words, make your products and services (and the related customer service) the best they can be … Continue reading

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If you had to choose: Email subscribers or Twitter followers?

I just learned of a B2B company in Columbus (which shall remain nameless) bragging about having more Twitter followers than email subscribers. That got me thinking – if could only choose one group to communicate with, which would you choose? … Continue reading

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How a business can create a flash community using Twitter

An idea just popped in my head that I felt was worth sharing. Some businesses are jumping on foursquare and Gowalla as consumers broadcast their current location. I’ve thought of a complement / replacement to this that would be particularly … Continue reading

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