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Should you freak out about Google’s Mobilegeddon?

Today, you might be hearing about Google’s supposed Mobilegeddon in which Google’s organic search algorithm is going to start favoring mobile-friendly websites over sites that are not mobile-friendly but — and this is very important — only for searches conducted … Continue reading

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ShareThis + Google Analytics = Bad for SEO?

The issue of duplicate content (i.e. multiple URLs for what’s really a single page of your website) have been well documented across the web for a few years now. Sebastian’s Pamphlets has a nice write-up of the issue here. I … Continue reading

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Two thoughts on JC Penney’s return to Google’s Index has returned to the Google search index with about the same rankings as it had before. (Some nice details from Search Engine Land here.) My takeaways from this: 1. Google manually returned to its previous rankings, once again … Continue reading

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New Ohio 529 Plan domain name fails to follow simple rules for success

When I advise clients on selecting a domain name, I consider two factors – offline memorability and potential impact on search engine rankings. Success in both areas is usually achieved by adhering at least two of the following simple rules: … Continue reading

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Video: Me discussing social search at the Columbus Social Club

Here’s me in action at the November meeting of the Columbus Social Media Club discussing a top trend for 2011 – Social Search: Comments? Fire away! Be sure to watch the other videos also. The lunch was packed with dynamic … Continue reading

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Major Google Update – Local results now mixed with organic

Google has released a huge change to how search results are displayed for searches that include a local qualifier (e.g., “pizza columbus ohio”). No longer will you see a map above the organic search results – Now,  Google is integrating … Continue reading

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BP fumbles social media and SEO

As the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico enters its 44th day, thousands of people from around the world have supposedly submitted ideas to BP, but they don’t seem to be listening – or at least not responding. As … Continue reading

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Another study proves the value of high search engine rankings

Chitika Research recently completed a study that reaffirms the key finding from a similar study from a few years ago – high search engine rankings matter. Key insights: The #1 ranked slot for a keyword gets almost as many clicks … Continue reading

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