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Is Bing’s search share up or down? Depends who you ask

So, is Bing’s market share increasing or decreasing? According to Nielsen, Bing’s market share increased in April at the expense of Google. Hitwise, on the other hand, is reporting that Bing’s market share (and Yahoo’s also) declined. I’ve got the … Continue reading

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With its Bing Deal, Yahoo prepares to join AOL in the gutter

If you follow the Internet industry, you’ve probably heard that Yahoo is turning their search over to Microsoft to be powered by Bing. In the end, I suspect that Yaahoo and Microsoft are just re-arranging the deck chairs on each … Continue reading

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A Lump of Coal for Yahoo?

Compete.com’s November search engine market share has been released and Yahoo has dipped below 20%. Live / MSN and Yahoo continue their downward crawl (as opposed to fall) on the way to oblivion. Read more.

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November Search Engine Market Report

The bottom line: Live and Google were up and Yahoo was down. Read more. Do Live and Yahoo even deserve a web marketer’s attention?

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Google market share grows again

The latest report on search engine market share from Compete.com shows Google continuing to take market share from their competitors (if you can really call them that). The big loser was MSN which seems to seem close to reaching the … Continue reading

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Yahoo design guru on web form usability

Web forms (contact forms, registration forms, e-commerce check-out, etc.) are often the most important pages on a website but – too often in my experience – they are an afterthought. Not so at Yahoo where web forms, such as email … Continue reading

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May search engine market share report: all about Google

The rich just keep getting richer: According to Compete.com Google has increased its share of the search engine market compared to both April 2008 and May 2007. High rankings in Google for your website continue to be the #1 thing … Continue reading

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03/14/2008 C.O.T.W.: Hey Yahoo, what’s the buzz?

Last Friday, I wrote about the incredibly useful Google Alerts. This week’s click, while not quite as useful, is mighty interesting. Yahoo Buzz lets you in on the hottest search terms on Yahoo right now, as well as the most … Continue reading

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