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Study: Track And Engage Works for Email

According to some people, email marketing is dead. I’ve been saying that it’s not – particularly if implemented and tracked properly. As General Patton famously said “A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next … Continue reading

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Study: relevant online advertising still captures consumers

No big surprise here but nice reinforcement. According to a new survey by Lightspeed Research and the IAB, online consumers prefer online advertisements that are relevant, useful and provide financial incentives. The results also reveal key differences between age groups. … Continue reading

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Study: understanding how brands need to communicate with their customers online

I’m a total SEO geek, so this study fascinated me and drove home one of the brick walls that I consistently run into when discussing SEO with potential clients: The words you want to use usually won’t match with what … Continue reading

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Pew Study: old people coming on strong online

Apparently, you can teach old dogs new tricks. According to the latest Pew Internet demographics study, the biggest increase in internet use since 2005 is the 70-75 year-old age group. While just 26% of 70-75 year olds were online in … Continue reading

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Study: Millenials View their Computer as More of an Entertainment Device than their Television

According to Deloitte’s State of the Media Democracy survey, 75% of Millennials (ages 14 to 25) view the computer as more of an entertainment device than their TV. If you don’t think that including online in your marketing and advertising … Continue reading

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Does surfing the web make you smarter?

Yes, it does according to the findings in a study conducted by two UCLA professors, and it might help older people the most. Read more.

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Report: Google market share continues to grow

Web analytics firmHitwise has just announced that Google’s market share has hit an all-time high of 71%. (Hitwise says 70%, but they forgot to round up.) In the same report, one can quickly discern that MSN really doesn’t matter. Read … Continue reading

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Study: Half of Internet Users Use Search Engines on Typical Day

I always tell my clients that search is #2 online activity behind email. A new report from the Pew Internet & American Life Project indicates that it’s catching up to email. From the report summary: The percentage of internet users … Continue reading

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