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Did Google predict the demise of Skybus?

In at least one news article about the collapse of Skybus, former CEO Bill Diffenderffer noted that summer 2008 sales never took off as expected. Did Google searches for Skybus predict this? Here are Google searches for Skybus in 2008 … Continue reading

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Skybus – shutting down in one hour, but still selling tickets?

The Dispatch is reporting that Skybus will be announcing at 9:30pm tonight that they’re shutting down permanently on Saturday. If this is true, why can you still book flights on Skybus.com for flights that are weeks away?

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Did Skybus take my advice?

Back on February 11, I wrote an open memo to Skybus recommending that they add a META description tag to their homepage and fix a “javascript required” issue. They have done these things! I know they looked at my blog, … Continue reading

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An open memo to Skybus

I’m a fan of Skybus Airlines. They’re a Columbus-based airline so their success can only be good for the local economy. I’ve also flown them once – the staff was friendly, and the flight was uneventful which is about as … Continue reading

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