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02/27/2009 C.O.T.W.: FYI – Search is now normal behavior

Whitney Quesenbery is a world renowned user researcher, user experience practitioner, and usability expert with something important to say – Search is now normal behavior. What do we do about that? I always recommend site search for any website that … Continue reading

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Study: Half of Internet Users Use Search Engines on Typical Day

I always tell my clients that search is #2 online activity behind email. A new report from the Pew Internet & American Life Project indicates that it’s catching up to email. From the report summary: The percentage of internet users … Continue reading

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03/14/2008 C.O.T.W.: Hey Yahoo, what’s the buzz?

Last Friday, I wrote about the incredibly useful Google Alerts. This week’s click, while not quite as useful, is mighty interesting. Yahoo Buzz lets you in on the hottest search terms on Yahoo right now, as well as the most … Continue reading

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Nick Family Cruise Update

My blog is now getting visited by people searching for “nick cruise” using Google. Click here to visit the official Nick Cruise website.

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01/22/2007 C.O.T.W. – OneLook Online Dictionary Search

There are literally hundreds of online dictionaries. OneLook brings 931 online dictionaries together in a single search. Search for definitions, audio pronunciations, or translations. OneLook also offers a handy reverse dictionary when you don’t know the word but think you … Continue reading

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