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Don’t forget search when running offline advertising

I was in the kitchen this morning preparing my older son’s lunch box when he and his brother shout from the back room “dad, there’s a Nick cruise!” We’ve taken a Disney cruise so I knew exactly what they meant. … Continue reading

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New grandma?

If doing a search engine pay-per-click campaign, it’s important to ensure your ads are relevelant to the keywords being entered. These sponsored ads on Google for “new grandma” are funny but not relevant: Well, that last two are probably relevant, … Continue reading

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Google and Yahoo Pay-Per-Click to become more alike

Both of these stories seemed to appear at the same time, but I could find any sources that put the two together. Google has introduced bid position-preference feature that allows PPC advertisers more control over where their ads appear, essentially … Continue reading

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Google Watch #6: AdWords now includes demographic targeting

Given that MSN’s new search engine pay-per-click system, AdCenter, offers demographic targeting in addition to geographic targeting, it’s not a surprise that Google quickly offered it also. Read more about AdWords demographic targeting here.

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