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Rankings cloudy for Columbus media websites on Columbus weather searches

123,600. That’s Google estimated monthly searches for the following phrases related to Columbus weather: columbus weather: 74,000 columbus ohio weather: 33,100 columbus oh weather: 9,900 weather in columbus: 6,600 None of the leading local media websites for Columbus – Dispatch.com, … Continue reading

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Rising searches on Google by Columbus residents

This is from the past 30 days so it’s slightly outdated, still it’s interesting. Looks like Toyota and Ford are big local winners in the Cash for Clunkers programs. And what’s NBC 4 been up to?

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Will Columbus local media be ready for a big brand invasion?

I’ve read three headlines recently that should serve as a wake-up call to local media to end their web mediocrity: YouTube Goes After Local News Huffington Post Going Local ESPN Going Local Brands such as Yelp and CitySearch have been … Continue reading

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A suggestion for local media and advertisers

In this economy, as advertisers cut budgets, standardized reporting has become more critical than ever. The wide range of web analytics tools, differences in how they capture and report data, and differences in terminology (e.g., “visits,” “unique visits,” “visitors,” “user … Continue reading

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NBC4i.com email unsubscribe process needs work

I recently switched from Yahoo to Gmail because Gmail seems to integrate better with other web apps. As part of doing this, I decided to unsubscribe from the NBC4i.com newsletters that are sent to my Yahoo account; I like getting … Continue reading

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Local media missing weather opportunity

I know that local media websites want as many visitors as possible, so SEO should be a natural for them. But the concept seems to have eluded them. For example, there are more than 60,000 searches on Google for phrases … Continue reading

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NBC4i.com starts Twittering

Have you heard of Twitter? Basically, it’s an easy way to broadcast small messages to friends, family, etc. Read the Wikipedia entry to learn more. NBC4i.com has recently taken to Twittering with abandon as you can see on their Twitter … Continue reading

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