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Will this device destroy advertising and marketing?

Be prepared – the iPhone and Palm Pre might be the most advanced smartphones now, but a new idea is coming. Something that’s more PC than phone with the ability to provide you with instant information from the Internet on … Continue reading

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Pew Study: Mobile will be #1 path to web by 2020

Since today’s kids are so tied to their cell phones, iPhones, etc., this prediction is not that surprising, as they grow up and become a large segment of the population. Savvy organizations are already working on making their websites more … Continue reading

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08/1/2008 C.O.T.W.: Top 15 must-have iPhone Applications

There’s no doubt about it – the iPhone is red hot and iPhone apps are one of the big reasons for the phone’s popularity. iPhone apps add features and capabilities to an iPhone that go well beyond what a typical … Continue reading

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New, cheaper iPhone coming but still no Flash support

Yesterday, Apple announced the second generation of their increasingly popular iPhone. Being touted by Apple as “twice fast and half the price,” this should be a monster hit – the use of which might directly affect your website. By some … Continue reading

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The 2008 youth trends report

Recently, the NGT group released their spring 2008 youth trend report. The NGT group tracks influential youth around the world, trying to determine future digital trends. My favorite quote from the report: Today‚Äôs youth can be looked at as the … Continue reading

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Improved mobile web browsing bypasses mobile carrier portals

First, a quick definition – a “portal” is a start page intended to guide to other websites, such as Yahoo.com and AOL.com. They’re loaded down with lots of carefully selected content. In the old days when AOL was the #1 … Continue reading

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Designing websites for the iPhone

iPhones are extremely popular. I’ll admit that I want one but am holding until it’s available from a cell phone company such as Verizon or T-Mobile. Still, I am aware that more and more people are using to browse the … Continue reading

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