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Minnesota town to Google – privacy please

You can’t make this stuff up – North Oaks, a suburb of St. Paul Minnesota, demands that Google removes all photos of the town from Google Map’s Street View feature. Read more. Note – be sure to read the user … Continue reading

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Google Maps now offering traffic info

Google Maps is my favorite mapping service because of the simplicity of the interface compared to MapQuest and other competitors. Google Maps has just become even better with the addition of traffic conditions (look for the traffic icon on the … Continue reading

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L.A. Times: As Satellite Mapping Gets More Detailed, Privacy Concerns Grow

New Mapping products from Google and Microsoft are quickly removing one of the last barriers of privacy, as evidenced by the launch and meteoric rise of Gawker Stalker. Digging deeper, an L.A. Times writer discusses the thorny issue of Internet … Continue reading

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Google Watch #11: Google Mars

As if Google Earth wasn’t cool enough; two NASA researchers from Arizona State University worked with Google to create Google Mars. You can explore Mars three ways: an elevation map (shows color-coded peaks and valleys); a visible-imagery map (shows what … Continue reading

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