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Auto manufacturer’s recall websites invisible in Google

With all of the attention on Toyota lately, I wondered – how well do the top car manufacturer’s official recall websites rank for brand related recall searches? Here are the results for the top brands in the U.S. that I … Continue reading

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Ford, GM, and VW cast the first stone at Toyota

In John 8, Jesus said “Let him who is without sin cast the first stone” – in other words, don’t be a hypocrite. Today, I googled “Totoya Recall” and received the following deluge of paid search ads: Mixed in among … Continue reading

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Ford announces their next Social Media dud

I’ve written in the past about Ford, my favorite social media chickenhawk. I’ve labeled their Ford Fiesta movement a less-than-resounding success because of its near-zero impact on search results. Ford has just announced their follow-up to to the Fiesta Movement: … Continue reading

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There are two kinds of social media campaigns

I might be wrong about this but, in my experience, most purposeful social media campaigns fall into one of two camps: bottom-up and top-down. bottom-up campaigns equip existing customers / brand loyalists with a social media toolkit and encourage them … Continue reading

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Ford Fiesta SEO Weirdness

Earlier today, I mentioned the Ford Fiesta “movement.” While doing that, I Googled “Ford Fiesta” The Ford Fiesta Movement website doesn’t even appear on Google page 1 for that search. That could be resolved with some minor SEO – but … Continue reading

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Are you a Social Media Chickenhawk?

The Social Media Chickenhawk (sometimes spelled chicken hawk or chicken-hawk) is a PR or marketing professional – or a company – who strongly supports the use of social media on the web at large (Twitter, Facebook) while actively avoiding the … Continue reading

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12/12/2008 C.O.T.W.: Ford averts a social media disaster

The popular pain reliever Motrin was attacked recently by mommy bloggers then was pilloried in the Social Media sphere – not only for the ad that caused the reaction from mommy bloggers but also for their poorly handled response. You … Continue reading

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