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03/13/2009 C.O.T.W.: Top 10 design factors influencing site credibility

In the mad rush to embrace everything Web 2.0 / social media, website basics are often being left behind- and your website is still your #1 tool for communicating with your target audience online. One of the most important traits … Continue reading

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02/27/2009 C.O.T.W.: FYI – Search is now normal behavior

Whitney Quesenbery is a world renowned user researcher, user experience practitioner, and usability expert with something important to say – Search is now normal behavior. What do we do about that? I always recommend site search for any website that … Continue reading

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02/16/2009 C.O.T.W.: WSJ Chief – Google devalues everything

Do you think is Google killing newspapers? That’s what the chief of the Wall Street Journal seems to think so in this episode of the Charlie Rose show. The Charlie Rose show began a new series on the future of … Continue reading

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01/23/2009 C.O.T.W.: Yotify – Google Alerts on Steroids?

A common recommendation that I make to my clients is to use Google Alerts to track anything of importance to them – from their company name to their own name. Tracking related topics is also worth doing. Here’s one example … Continue reading

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01/09/2009 C.O.T.W.: Measuring the Impact of Online Communities on Business

Social Networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, MySpace are growing quickly and moving into the mainstream of American life. Even my mother is on Facebook! Would your business benefit by joining the world of Social Media? A white paper from … Continue reading

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12/23/2008 C.O.T.W.: Make RSS Feeds Ready-to-Print

RSS Feeds are mighty handy, content is delivered directly to you via many channels – email, RSS reader, etc. but it’s usually not in an easily printable format. That problem now has a solution: Tabbloid. Tell Tabbloid what RSS feeds … Continue reading

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11/07/2008 C.O.T.W.: 11 Steps to a Better Checkout

Paypal, one of the leading e-commerce checkout systems, recently commissioned veteran e-commerce analyst Rick Broadhead to write 11 Steps to a Better Checkout – And More Profits. The complimentary 33-page PDF download provides concise and current advice on every step … Continue reading

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10/24/2008 C.O.T.W.: Social Media + Charts = GraphJam

Graphs and charts – we learned about them in school and use them in the business but they’ve always seemed, frankly, a little boring. But no more! GraphJam is a collection of user-submitted graphs and charts that range from hilarious … Continue reading

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