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With its Bing Deal, Yahoo prepares to join AOL in the gutter

If you follow the Internet industry, you’ve probably heard that Yahoo is turning their search over to Microsoft to be powered by Bing. In the end, I suspect that Yaahoo and Microsoft are just re-arranging the deck chairs on each … Continue reading

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Improved mobile web browsing bypasses mobile carrier portals

First, a quick definition – a “portal” is a start page intended to guide to other websites, such as Yahoo.com and AOL.com. They’re loaded down with lots of carefully selected content. In the old days when AOL was the #1 … Continue reading

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AOL.com and AIM.com Email – Images Now Off by Default

Today AOL officially launched a new interface for customers who access their email using a web browser at AOL.com & AIM.com. One of the critical changes is that AOL has decided to turn off images by default in both of … Continue reading

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Getting to Know One AOL Searcher

As you probably know by now, AOL “accidently” released the search records for several hundred thousand members over a three month period. While AOL maintained that the searchers were anonymous because their AOL screen names were not provided, it did … Continue reading

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The 25 Worst Tech Products of All Time

Boy this article from PC World brought back some memories. I spent several years working for AOL subsidiary’s CompuServe and Netscape, who is #1 on the list, and I actually purchased #6 for my youngest brother. No wonder it did … Continue reading

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You Still Using AOL as an ISP? It’s Time to Switch

America Online, hoping to encourage dial-up subscribers to switch to its high-speed service, is raising the price of its main dial-up plan from $23.90 to $25.90 a month – the same price as its broadband offering. The price change takes … Continue reading

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