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AOL.com and AIM.com Email – Images Now Off by Default

Today AOL officially launched a new interface for customers who access their email using a web browser at AOL.com & AIM.com. One of the critical changes is that AOL has decided to turn off images by default in both of … Continue reading

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Getting to Know One AOL Searcher

As you probably know by now, AOL “accidently” released the search records for several hundred thousand members over a three month period. While AOL maintained that the searchers were anonymous because their AOL screen names were not provided, it did … Continue reading

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The 25 Worst Tech Products of All Time

Boy this article from PC World brought back some memories. I spent several years working for AOL subsidiary’s CompuServe and Netscape, who is #1 on the list, and I actually purchased #6 for my youngest brother. No wonder it did … Continue reading

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You Still Using AOL as an ISP? It’s Time to Switch

America Online, hoping to encourage dial-up subscribers to switch to its high-speed service, is raising the price of its main dial-up plan from $23.90 to $25.90 a month – the same price as its broadband offering. The price change takes … Continue reading

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