Study: Track And Engage Works for Email

According to some people, email marketing is dead. I’ve been saying that it’s not – particularly if implemented and tracked properly. As General Patton famously said “A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week.”

Some key findings in the latest email marketing survey from eRoi in their own words:

  • “nearly 20% of email marketers have no clue how their email marketing campaigns perform.”
  • But “… email metrics is the most trackable medium that exists, and these Email marketing metrics, site metrics and conversion tracking… all come down to a holistic view of the customer… “

Are you taking full advantage of Email marketing now? Read a nice summary here. You can download it here.

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One Response to Study: Track And Engage Works for Email

  1. Tim Wilson says:

    “email campaign goes beyond simply segmenting by demographic and focuses on behavioral segmentation, enabling delivery of the most relevant, targeted messages.” Agreed…but let’s not overlook how quickly behavioral segmentation can get awfully complex. Easy (with the right tools, such as Eloqua…and others, but that’s the main one I’ve worked with): trigger communication based on recency and frequency of activity (visits to your site). Layer of complexity: for specific content, trigger a relevant follow-up (tricky: send an immediate follow-up, which is high on the relevancy front…but can freak out the prospect). ‘nuther layer of complexity: trigger follow-ups based on an assessment of all of the content on your site the person has visited in the last X days. Still more: don’t send them a follow-up if they’re already engaged with your company through another channel (e.g., your sales force). And, finally: have enough content, sufficiently modularized, with rules in place to prevent sending them the exact same communication in a short period of time based on their behavior. The key is “start simple.” That’s easy to say — damn hard to actually do once you get past the concepts and buzzwords.

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