Should you freak out about Google’s Mobilegeddon?


Today, you might be hearing about Google’s supposed Mobilegeddon in which Google’s organic search algorithm is going to start favoring mobile-friendly websites over sites that are not mobile-friendly but — and this is very important — only for searches conducted on mobile devices such as iPhones and Android phones. Is your site mobile-friendly? You can test it here. If your site is not mobile-friendly, you’re not alone. According to a USA Today article, it’s estimated that 40% of top websites aren’t mobile friendly!

Even if your site is not currently mobile-friendly, not currently being mobile-friendly might not a be a big issue for you. It depends upon how much of your site’s traffic currently comes from mobile devices. Fortunately, most web analytics programs provide a summary breakdown of your site’s traffic into mobile and desktop/laptop visits. But if you need help with that you can always look for a web design or a seo consulting agency, usually those two go hand in hand. Meanwhile here’s how to find this information using Google Analytics:

  1. Choose “Audience”
  2. Under Audience, choose “Mobile”
  3. Under Mobile, choose “Overview”
  4. Your website’s traffic will be broken out into three categories: Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile.

Is less than 20% of your site’s traffic mobile? Then you can breathe a little easier. The algo change by Google isn’t going to hurt much now. Beyond how much traffic your site currently gets from mobile devices, there are many other factors that could impact your site’s mobile search rankings including but not limited to:

  • Mobile-friendliness of competitive websites
  • How much of your site’s traffic comes from organic search. For example, your site might get more traffic from direct visits and referred visits.
  • Your site’s focus. For example, sites focused on providing customer or serving a captive audience such as universities probably won’t lose much, if any, traffic.

Even if your site’s mobile is currently less than 20%, the mobile share will almost certainly as smartphone’s continue to increase market share, so it’s a good idea to make your site mobile-friendly as soon as possible.

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