Did Mobilegeddon Really Happen?

Google wasn’t bluffing about changing organic search results on mobile devices to favor responsive websites. This is the actual change in average mobile device search ranking over the past 90 days for a client of mine. In this chart, the line moving down means search rankings have moved farther away from position #1:


In actual numbers, the overall average ranked dropped by two points, although rank dropped less than that for many terms that the site ranked highly for. As I speculated in a my previous blog post about Mobilegeddon, rank drop wasn’t going to happen in a vacuum – if your major competitors’ sites aren’t responsive either, Google will ding you all equally.

While this decline is alarming, it hasn’t had a huge impact on their site since their traffic is still overwhelmingly desktop. On the other hand, non-responsive sites with heavy mobile traffic are probably hurting right now.



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