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Did Mobilegeddon Really Happen?

Google wasn’t bluffing about changing organic search results on mobile devices to favor responsive websites. This is the actual change in average mobile device search ranking over the past 90 days for a client of mine. In this chart, the … Continue reading

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Should you freak out about Google’s Mobilegeddon?

Today, you might be hearing about Google’s supposed Mobilegeddon in which Google’s organic search algorithm is going to start favoring mobile-friendly websites over sites that are not mobile-friendly but — and this is very important — only for searches conducted … Continue reading

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Who’s more popular in Columbus – Lebron or Braxton?

Recently, Deadspin ran a report on the most popular athlete in each state, based on Google monthly search volume. Not surprisingly, Lebron James was the most most-searched athlete in Ohio, as well as in several other states. But when Google’s … Continue reading

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Crimson Cup Coffee grows with the help of strategic partnerships

Here’s a nice blog post by Crimson Cup founder and president Greg Ubert, a Columbus-based coffee roaster founded in 1991. Crimson Cup has developed a success formula for helping independent coffee houses grow and flourish – a proven alternative to … Continue reading

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Using Filters in Google Analytics to move Yahoo secure search from referrals to organic search

Whew, that’s the longest blog post title that I’ve ever written, but it’s 100% accurate. Starting in early February, Yahoo decided to follow Google’s lead and encrypt search. Instead of going into the technical details of how this works, I’m … Continue reading

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Educating clients about the purpose of advertising

The next time one of your clients complains that online advertising didn’t increase sales, quote advertising legend David Ogilvy: “Advertisements should not be blamed for sales; the purpose of advertisements is to generate enquiries.” Unless you have direct control of … Continue reading

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Why You Need Three Google Analytics Profiles

Google Analytics is a powerful tool. But like all powerful tools, it needs to used in the most appropriate manner. To get the most useful and accurate data possible from Google Analytics, every account must have these three profiles, at … Continue reading

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Is now the time to ditch your website?

If you’ve got a consultant telling you “forget your website, focus on Facebook” (or, Google +, Pinterest, etc.), fire them. The long-term path for Internet success is simple: don’t be lured into placing most or all of your online equity … Continue reading

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